Speaker Presentations

Arranged alphabetically by surname/last name of speaker. Panels are listed by moderator's surname/last name with panelists arranged alphabetically thereafter.

Saudi Vision 2030 - Challenges & Opportunities
Walid Abukhaled
Chief Executive, Middle East
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Update on the Continuing Growth of Turkey's Industrial Partnership Activities
Bilal Aktas
Head of Department, Industrialization
Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM)

The Omani Partnership for Development (PFD) Programme Update
Dr. Dhafir Al-Shanfari
Omani Authority for Partnership for Development (OAPFD)

European Offset in the Context of Brexit
Guy Anderson
Associate Director - AD&S
Jane's by IHS Markit

European Geo-political Overview (Presentation without PPT)
Sir Michael Arthur
President for Europe

Dassault Systemes' Digital Economy:  A Proven Asset for Offset
Nestor Belicard
WW Offset and International Cooperation Director 
Dassault Systemes SE

Indian Offset Policy Guidelines 
Commander PK Bhattacharya
Officer on Special Duty
Ministry of Defense

Pursuing Excellence in Offsets
Chantal Dagnaud
European Club for Countertrade and Offset

Civil Offset Program Developments (One panelist with PPT.)
Edrei Du Toit
Offset Manager

Julie Goodman
Goodman Global Consulting, LLC

Hasnul Afian Harun
Head of Procurement Department
Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd

Saab's Industrial Cooperation Experiences
Anders Edlund
Director, Industrial Cooperation
Saab AB

Saudi Vision 2030 - Challenges & Opportunities
Tariq Farwana
Managing Director

FMS and How Washington Works
Phil Fickes
Global Military Business Development Manager

Digital Factory for Your Digital Transformation
Olivier Flous
Vice President
Thales Digital Factory

European Consolidation in the Emerging Global A&D Market
Michael Formosa
Managing Partner
Renaissance Strategic Partners

Captain RN (Rtd.) Paul Collins
Senior Advisor
Renaissance Strategic Advisors

George Lawrence
Senior Associate
Renaissance Strategic Advisors

Australia - A Multi-Faceted Approach to Expanding A&D Capabilities and Exports 
Michael Garrety
Counsellor Defence Materiel
Department of Defence, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group

Recent Developments in Defence Procurement and Offsets in the EU:  Time for Changing Paradigm?
Dr. Aris Georgopoulos
Head of Defence and Strategic Procurement Research Unit
School of Law
University of Nottingham

Catching the Train
Igal Gurevich
Head of Industrial Cooperation Division
Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA)

Swiss Offset Policy by 2018 and Follow-up on Swiss Offsets
Per Magnus Larsson

Make in India and Offsets:  Realizing India's Defense Industrial Base Ambitions (Two panelists with PPT.)
Rahul Madhavan
Vice President, International Development & Strategy

Uzi Melamed
Corporate Offset & Industrial Cooperation Director

Andrew Rizley
Senior Manager, Offset/Industrial Participation
BAE Systems

Croatia:  Guidelines for Offset (Permission not granted for PPT)
Mirna Maravic
Head of Department
Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts

Status of the Implementation of the 2009/81/EC Directive and Related Trends in the EU Offset Policies
Dr. Enrique Navarro
Business Development Director and Partner

Australia - A Multi-Faceted Approach to Expanding A&D Capabilities and Exports
David Peckham
Industry Engagement Manager - Australia, France/Europe
Thales Global Services

Innovation Panel:  Beyond Supply Chain Solutions
Jennifer Potts
Director, Industrial Participation and Offsets

Sherry Barone
At the Table Productions

Tariq Farwana

William Regli
Professor and Director
Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland at College Park

The AI Revolution: Toward a New Kind of Thinking
William Regli
Professor and Director, Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland at College Park

GICC 2018 KSS and Malaysia Updates
Dato' Zailani Safari
Chief Executive Officer
Technology Depository Agency Berhad

Industrial Participation from a Nordic Perspective
Eva Soderstrom
Vice President
Saab AB

Niklas Alm
Swedish Defence Industry Association

Frank Bill

Tuija Karanko 
Association of Finnish Defence & Aerospace Industries

Legal Panel:  How to Conduct Effective Due Diligence in Transactions with Offset Partners/Suppliers (Panel without PPT)
Brenda Swick
Dickinson Wright LLP

Neill Cooke
Rolls-Royce plc

Nicola Frances
BAE Systems

Ralph Gonzalez
Raytheon Company

Luis Soler
Saab AB

Howard Weissman
Baker & McKenzie LLP



  • Major Zailani Bin Safari

    Chief Executive Officer, Technology Depository Agency (TDA)

    Read Bio

Major Zailani Bin Safari

Chief Executive Officer, Technology Depository Agency (TDA)

As CEO of TDA, Zailani leads an organization that manages and monitors the overall Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP) implementation in Malaysia. TDA is mandated as the Malaysia’s ICP Authority and responsible in making sure the ICP implementation complies with the Malaysia ICP Management Framework.

Zailani has been involved in ICP/offset program since 2005 and was part of the team that developed the Malaysia’s offset/ICP policies, the Policy and Guidelines on Offset Programs in Government Procurement and the Policy and Guidelines on ICP Programs in Government Procurement. Under his leadership, TDA is responsible to monitor circa $11 billion worth of ICP obligation in Malaysia.

He holds a MSc in Technology Management from National University of Malaysia (UKM) and currently, Major Zailani is pursuing his PhD in the area of Industry Collaboration Program (ICP).

Training Workshops

Offset Principles
Sunday 15th April
09:00 - 15:30
(lunch included)
When does your Causality conflict with Additionality?  What is an Offset Performance Bond and do you need one?  What is the difference between Direct and Indirect Offset?  Why does it matter? If you do not know the answers to these questions, and the “I'm Feeling Lucky™ search service” does not provide a suitable answer, this is just the right course for you.  Taught by seasoned offset professionals, “Offset Principles” provides valuable insights into developing, proposing, negotiating, managing and closing important offset agreements. Additionally, this course includes valuable exercises further enhancing your practical offset expertise.

This course is appropriate for industry personnel involved with industrial participation, contracts, business development and finance wishing to better understand the basics of offset.  

Demystifying the Valuation of Technology for Offsets
Wednesday 18th April
(lunch included)

Why does the value of technology transfer mystify even the most seasoned offset expert?  What exactly are we transferring and why is it important? Since we exchange technology for offset credit rather than cash, valuing the Technology Transferred under an offset agreement can be especially challenging.  In this course we:

Understand the various elements of Intellectual Property with specific emphasis on Technology Transfer and how these relate to offset.

Demonstrate how the “Valuation Pyramid” can be used as a tool to develop an approach to valuation of technology for offset credits.

Explain about the most common methods of technology valuation and how these apply to offset credits.

Describe how offset customer Technology Valuation Regimes affect an approach to arriving at the “Fair Offset Value Standard”.

Demonstrate the valuation of intellectual property using a practical example.

In the afternoon, we will learn from various government experts how specific country offset policy affects technology transfer and its value for offset credits.

This course is appropriate for industry and government personnel involved with industrial participation wishing to better understand technology transfer and its value.  

Registered industry training participants may attend both courses for a training registration of USD 300 per participant. Government training participants registered for GICC 2018 may participate in the Demystifying the Valuation of Technology for Offset session at no cost.

Knowledge Sharing Session for Government Officials


As a follow-up to the success of Knowledge Sharing Sessions held in Malaysia (March 2017) and Key Biscayne (October 2017), Malaysia's Technology Depository Agency Berhad (TDA), an agency under the Malaysian Ministry of Finance, will organize the third Knowledge Sharing Session (KSS) for Industrial Cooperation / Partnership Government representatives in Paris on Sunday 15th April 2018. The delegates in this KSS are government representatives involved in managing and/or creating their respective country’s Industrial Cooperation / Partnership (ICP) programs and policies. TDA's purpose of hosting this special gathering is to:

  • provide a forum for the government ICP leaders to share knowledge and experiences, both positive and negative; and
  • learn from their government ICP counterparts who also share the collective goal of best ways to facilitate transfer of knowledge and sustainable economic and social benefits into their respective countries.

Some government attendees are from countries that have decades of experience in the ICP arena, while other government attendees are just now being introduced to the ICP opportunities, and who may be looking for guidance as to best practices for developing and implementing successful ICP programs for their own country.

The Government participants will discuss solutions for commonly encountered challenges when dealing with ICP programs and policies. Actual topics discussed will be determined by the meeting participants and submitted prior to the event. For further information on this special KSS gathering please contact TDA at [email protected].

Conference Schedule

15 April 

08:00  – 09:00  
Training Registration
(Foyer Queen Mary)
09:00  – 15:30   
Offset Principles Industry Training (Queen Mary 1-3)
09:00  – 15:30   
Knowledge Sharing Session for Government Officials (Queen Mary 4-5)
16:00  – 19:00   
GICC 2018 Registration  (Hotel’s Lobby)
18:00  – 20:00   
*Opening Reception (Queen Mary & Patio Andalou)

* Dress code is business casual.

→ For registered spouse/guests, download a copy of the Bienvenue à Paris Tour itinerary

16 April

06:30  – 08:30  
Breakfast (Hotel’s Restaurant)
08:00 – 12:00   
GICC 2018 Registration (Foyer Normandie)
08:30 – 10:00    

*Opening Remarks (Normandie)
10:00 – 10:30     
Networking Break 
10:30 – 12:00     
Speaker Presentations
12:00 – 13:30      
Lunch (Foyer Normandie & Queen Mary)
13:30 – 15:30      
Speaker Presentations
15:30 – 16:00     
Networking Break
16:00 – 17:30      
Speaker Presentations
Monday Evening on Own

*Dress code is business casual.

→ For registered spouse/guests, download a copy of the Bienvenue à Paris Tour itinerary.

17 April 

06:30 – 08:30   
Breakfast (Hotel’s Restaurant)
08:30 – 10:00    
*Speaker Presentations (Normandie)
10:00 – 10:30    
Networking Break 
10:30 – 12:00    
Speaker Presentations
12:00 – 13:30     
 Lunch (Foyer Normandie & Queen Mary)
13:30 – 17:30     
Speaker Presentations
18:00 – 22:00    
** GICC 2018 Reception & Dinner (Pavillon Royal)

*Dress code is business casual.
**Dress code is business attire.

→ For registered spouse/guests, download a copy of the Bienvenue à Paris Tour itinerary.

18 April 

Individual Networking and Check-out from Hotel

For Attendees Registered for Training on Wednesday 18th April
08:30 – 09:00    

Training Registration (Foyer Normandie)

09:00 – 15:00    
Demystifying the Valuation of Technology for Offsets

Training (Normandie)