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Training Sessions

Monday, November 11th

"Industrial Partnership / Offset Principles"
(For GOCA Regular and Associate Delegates)

This all-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to the various forms of industrial cooperation and partnerships and will start with the industry terms, definitions, and practical applications and implementations of various industrial cooperation, offset and partnership programs. The Monday afternoon session will focus on creating and negotiating the best offset proposal for a notional (but realistic) country scenario in a multi-team scenario role-play. The Industrial Partnership / Offset Principles course always includes lively discussion of real-world past experiences as examples. Whether as a refresher for a seasoned IP veteran or as an introduction to the newcomer to this complex and specialized sector, this training is both a first-rate learning experience and a great networking opportunity.

Thursday, November 14th
(Morning & Afternoon Courses Offered)


Morning Session: “Shifting Tides”
(Open to Government and GOCA Regular and Associate Delegates who registered for the Monday training session)
Note: Admission to "Shifting Tides" session for Government Delegates is complimentary.

This morning, half-day course will start with a summary and review of why offset and industrial cooperation policies change, and how to anticipate and manage the impacts on your industrial partnership programs. There will be presentations from several international government IP representatives who will explain their respective country’s reasons for how and why they established their industrial cooperation programs, and how their national policies and guidelines have evolved/matured. These government presentations will be followed by an interactive dialogue on how these changes impact both the government and industry.


Afternoon Session: "Wearing the Other Shoe"
(Open to Government and GOCA Regular and Associate Delegates who registered for the Monday training session)
Note: Admission to "Wearing the Other Shoe" session for Government Delegates is complimentary.

This afternoon, half-day, role-playing session is designed to allow attending industry and government representatives to “Wear the Other Shoe” – that is, swap roles in order to build a greater understanding of our counterparts’ equities, needs and priorities, and create more of a “360” view of the offset and IP partnership. Attendees will be organized so industry becomes the notional “Offset Office” with its burdens of promulgating and implementing national policy, while government representatives become industry managers, preparing and negotiating offset proposals within the framework of their corporate and shareholder imperatives as well as national regulatory constraints.



Registration Fees:

The cost of the Training sessions Fee is $ 500 per delegate and the Training sessions Fee includes both the Monday and Thursday sessions.


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Questions & Comments:

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