Confirmed and Invited Speakers & Sessions


Sessions will be updated as speakers are confirmed


United Arab Emirates –

“Updates on UAE Industrial Partnership Programs and Activities”

Mr. Abdalla Al Awani, Executive Director, Economic Partnerships and/or Ms. Munira Al Hamadi, Manager, Economic Partnership Affairs – Confirmed 


United Arab Emirates –

“An Update on Strata’s Aerospace Component Manufacturing Activities in the UAE”

Ismail Abdulla, Chief Executive Officer, Strata Manufacturing – Awaiting Confirmation  

Saudi Arabia –

“An Update on GAMI and the new Industrial Development (Offset) Policy”

Abdullah Binzaraah, Director, Industrial Development Division, General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI), Ministry of Defense, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Awaiting Confirmation 


Turkey –

“An Update on Turkey’s Advancements and Successes in Industrial Partnership Activities”

Murat Çizgel, Head of the Department of Industrialization, Presidency of the Republic of Turkey – Awaiting Confirmation


Israel –

“An Update and Showcase of Success Stories in the Industrial Partnership Area with Examples of both Foreign and Local Beneficiary Companies”

Ziva Eger, Director General, Israel Industrial Cooperation Authority – Confirmed   


Malaysia –

“An Update of Malaysia’s Industrial Partnership Activities”

Dato’ Zailani Bin Safari, Chief Executive Officer, Technology Depository Agency Berhad – Confirmed 

South Korea –

“An Update on Defense Acquisition Program Administration’s (DAPA) Recent Industrial Partnership Guideline Changes with Examples of Recent Success Stories” –

Sehwan Kim, Director, Offset Trade Division, Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Republic of Korea – Confirmed  

South Korea –

“Practical Application of the December 2018 Korean Offset Policy Guidelines”

Jim Grzella, President, Global Partnering Solutions LLC – Confirmed 

South Africa –

“Armscor Defence Industrial Program Policy Updates and the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice that will Become Effective November 2019”

Patricia Seala, Senior Manager, Defence Industrial Program – Awaiting Confirmation

Sithembiso Manyoni, B-BBEE Manager, Defence Industrial Program – Awaiting Confirmation  

South Africa –

“An Update on Department of Trade and Industry Policies and Programs and Success Stories”

Reshme Pillay, Director, Offsets National Industrial Participation Programme – Awaiting Confirmation  

Philippine International Trading Corporation –

“An update on Developments in the Philippines in the International Partnership Arena” – Awaiting Confirmation 

India –

“Defence Offset Management Wing’s Update on India’s Industrial Partnership Programs”

R.R. Thakur, Officer on Special Duty (OSD), DOMW, Defense Production Ministry of Defense, India – Awaiting Confirmation  

India –

“Boeing’s Experiences and Evolution of Activities in India”

Dennis Swanson Vice President of Global Sales and/or

Maria Laine, Vice President of International Strategic Partnerships Defense, Space & Security – Confirmed  

Netherlands –

“Update of Netherland’s Industrial Partnership Program”  

Jan Christiaan Dicke, Commissioner Military Production, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy – Confirmed

Andalucía Spain –

“Opportunities for Building Rewarding Industrial Partnerships in Andalusia Spain”

Rogelio Velasco, the Regional Minister of Economy, Knowledge, Business and Universities, Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalucía (IDEA) – Confirmed 

Poland –

 “An Update and Oerview of Poland’s Industrial Partnership Activities and Programs”

Wladek Rzycki, Partner, Miller Canfield – Confirmed  

Brazil –

Roberto Alves Gallo Filho, President, Brazilian Defense and Security Industries Association (ABIMDE) –

Session Title TBD – Awaiting Confirmation  

Brazil –

“An Overview of Brazil’s Recent Development in Industrial Partnership Programs”

Lt. Cl Rodrigo Silveira dos Santos – Confirmed 

Peru - 

“Peru Re-enters the Industrial Partnership Arena with a New Approach”

Speaker – TBD 


Canada –

“Canadian Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Success Stories & Panel Discussion”

Joe Gazale, Manager, Business Development and Industrial Participation, L3 Harris and President IPAC – Confirmed

Walter Nolan, Navy Staff, Lockheed Martin - Confirmed 

Boeing Speaker – TBD 

Keynote Speaker:

Lonnie Mayne, Author, Red Shoes Living
"Stand Out for the Positive in How You Work and Live Your Life"


Lonnie Mayne will share invaluable insights on teaching us ways to humanize our business lives and create and deliver a legacy of igniting human potential with the people we partner with around the globe. All delegates and their guests/spouses are invited to attend this special presentation.


Presented By: GE Aviation


PricewaterhouseCoopers –

“A showcase of PWC’s Specialist Advisory Services to both Industry and Government Leaders Engaged in Building Sustainable Industrial Partnership Activities”

Suzanna Mason and other PWC team members – Confirmed  

Baker McKenzie/Lockheed Martin

“The Future of Defense Offsets: Creating Indigenous Defense Capability in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and India. Localization Requirements in the KSA and UAE”

Hani Naja, Partner, Baker McKenzie - Awaiting Confirmation

Bill Vickroy, Lockeed Martin - Confirmed 

Howard Weissman - Confirmed 


General Atomics –

“Why are so Many People in our Industry Unhappy in their Jobs AND Why Does Everyone say Offsets is a Bad Thing? – An Informational and Light Talk on the Realities and Challenges of Being an Offset Professional Detailing the Risks and Benefits to a Company”

Mark Gist Esq., Director, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems – Confirmed  

Renaissance Strategic Advisors –

“An investor advisory with Insights as to How Recent Geopolitical Events have Impacted the Opportunities and Challenges for the A&D Sector - where do we go from here?”

Christian Rodriquez, Senior Associate, Renaissance Strategic Advisors – Confirmed 

 Lockheed Martin –

“Global Geopolitic/Industrial footprints which Exist”

Dr. Vivek Lall, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Lockheed Martin – Confirmed 

Boeing –

“Opportunities for Industrial Cooperation in National Security Space”

Admiral Patrick Walsh, Boeing Vice President, United States Navy and Marine Corps Services – Confirmed 

Raytheon –

“Legal Issues – How to Cope with a Country's Changing / Evolving Rules Concerning Industrial Partnership Fulfillment"

Kevin Dent, Senior Counsel, Raytheon – Confirmed 

The Asia Group –

“Geopolitical Developments in the Indo-Pacific Region and their Impact on the Defense Trade” 

Kurt Campbell, Chairman and CEO of The Asia Group, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs – Invited  


Lockheed Martin/Northrop Grumman –

“Global Supply Chain Involvement in Industrial Partnership has become a Critical Pillar in Satisfying Industrial Partnership Commitments Around the Globe”

Vincent Panzera, Lockheed Martin – VP Lockheed Martin – Confirmed

Mitch Butta, Director, International Integrated Global Supply Chain, Northrop Grumman – Confirmed


US Government Topics –

“Updates on U.S. Government Interagency Offset Working Group Activities and Perspectives on Industrial Participation and Offsets as an Element of International Defense Cooperation”

Holly Haverstick, Chief, Weapons Division, U.S. Dept. of Defense – Awaiting Confirmation

Laura Cressey, Acting Director, Regional Security and Arms Transfers, U.S. Dept. of State – Awaiting Confirmation

Eric Longnecker, Acting Director, Office of Strategic Industries and Economic Security, U.S. Dept. of Commerce – Awaiting Confirmation  

 “Showcasing the Success – A Joint Venture between Swedish Industry and Universities and Brazilian Industry and Universities” – Awaiting Confirmation 

“The Evolution and Emergence of Civil / Commercial IP Programs Program” 

“Defense Contractor Collaboration: When Does it Make Sense; When is it Not Appropriate? A Discussion of the Value and Benefits of OEMs Working Together”

Panel session led by Paul Divis, Global Industrial Solutions, Pratt & Whitney – Confirmed

Speakers from LM Aero, Boeing, and GE – Awaiting Confirmation