Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Global Offset and Countertrade Association?

The G.O.C.A. is an association of global companies interested in offset and/or countertrade.

What is “Countertrade” and “Offset”?

Countertrade is a generic term that includes offset, but today countertrade has come to generally mean the use of reciprocal trade tools, such as barter or other export activities to meet hard currency needs, primarily in commercial transactions. Countertrade is often used to facilitate trade flows and investments into countries that either have difficulties externalizing hard currency, or impose certain counterpurchase obligations on vendors that are selling their products into the country. Countertrade is often used to create financing and investment solutions, to mitigate sovereign/political and commercial risk. Financing facilities often deploy countertrade techniques that may utilize barter, clearings, credit insurance and enhancements, structured financing using off-take arrangements, counterpurchase, etc.

Offset or offsets is generally connected with the sales of infrastructural and/or "big ticket" items, both defense and non-defense, to foreign governments, which require the seller to provide some reciprocal economic benefit to the country. These benefits may be through local procurement, co-production, marketing assistance, investments, technology transfer, R&D, or other acceptable offset activities. The buying government often defines these in its regulations, guidelines or standard contractual documentation. Some countries have offset obligations that are called countertrade; however, offset goes by many names including industrial participation, industrial cooperation, industrial benefits, or similar expressions where some offsetting benefit is being provided to assist the sale.

Who Are Your Members?

Our membership is made up of two types – Regular and Associate. Regular members include companies that are manufacturers or integrators that are selling directly or indirectly to a foreign government or another commercial entity. Regular members are those companies that incur an offset or countertrade obligation. Regular members may be incorporated anywhere in the world and have full rights in the Association. Associate members are all others that have an interest in offset and countertrade. Generally they are companies or individuals that offer a service to our Regular members, such as consulting, legal, banking, insurance or as offset service providers.

Our membership includes companies from around the world and our membership list is included on this website.

If you wish to become a member please go to our membership page. Please be aware that membership is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

Who Should Join?

You should join G.O.C.A. as a regular member if you have or are likely to have sales to countries that require offset or countertrade or where countertrade would offer you a competitive advantage.

You should join as an associate member if you have potential customers that are Regular Members.

If you wish to become a Regular Member please go to our membership page. Please be aware that membership is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

Do You Keep Statistics on Countertrade or Offset?

No. The United States Government keeps the best records on offset and countertrade. We suggest you call the U.S. Department of Commerce. Robert J. Donovan is the Office of Financial Service Industries Director in the International Trade Administration. Mr. Donovan's office may be reached at +1-202-482-3277, [email protected]. The Financial Services and Countertrade Division Deputy Director is Paul Thanos. Mr. Thanos may be reached at +1-202-482- 1857, [email protected]. The U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) also publishes annual reports on offset and other reports on offset.

Do You Keep Records on Offset and Countertrade Regulations and/or Practices?

No. EPICOS is an associate member that sells an internet service that provides access to many countries regulations and actual experiences. Also, Countertrade and Offset publishes a bi-weekly magazine that provides insight into the industry. These can be accessed here.

Do you Give Out Your Mailing List?

No. We consider our membership information confidential to our members and do not sell it or distribute it outside the organization.

How do I become a member?

Send an email to [email protected] Call us at +1-443-966-3853 or register online.

What Benefits do Members Receive?”

- Discounts on Semi-Annual and Regional Conferences
- Access to Offset Matrix Tool
- Discounts on Career Center job postings and resume searches
- Discounts on new Countertrade and Offset News (CTO) subscriptions
- Access to past conference presentations
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Upcoming Conferences

2020 GOCA Spring Conference
June 22-25, 2020
Melia Castilla Madrid Hotel
Madrid, Spain


Offset Matrix

GOCA is pleased to announce the launch of its Web-based offset matrix for its members. This can be a very useful tool to allow members (and ultimately non-members) to connect with other parties interested in offset in the same country.

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